The most visible volunteers are the actors on the stage. Many actors enjoy their first stage experience at ALT. Talented people of all ages perform in our productions; no special training or experience is required. Auditions are posted on ALT’s website several months prior to a show.


Although the tech crews are not seen onstage, they are an essential part of every production. These volunteers build the scenery, paint set pieces and backdrops, hang the lights, record sound effects, sew or coordinate wardrobe, and find props. During rehearsal, they provide support and assistance to the performers and directors. During the performance, they move the scenery and props during scene changes, help the actors with costume changes, and ensure the performance runs smoothly.


Volunteers are needed who can assemble sound effects and music for a show. Once the sound is designed, and the lighting instruments are hung and gelled, a sound tech runs the audio control board for the show and a lighting tech is needed at the controls of the lighting board. We are happy to train new people; once trained you can help with as many of our performances as you can fit into your schedule.


Looking after the comfort and safety of our audience is the responsibility of the House Manager. The House Manager serves as the head usher during performances and is responsible for closing the theater at night.


Several ushers are needed for each performance to take tickets, help patrons to their seats before the performance, help with beverages and snacks during intermission, and help to ensure a safe and orderly exit of the auditorium at the end of the performance.


Volunteers perform many of the tasks necessary to keep our Community Theater running smoothly. They help with box office, marketing, publicity, phones, office work, social events, and social functions.

In addition to all the tasks listed, there is always a need for hard-working dedicated individuals to serve on the ALT Board of Directors. Board positions are filled with individuals from within our volunteer community.