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“Theater is about thinking and feeling all in the same breath, moments when it’s quiet and you can hear your own heart beat in tandem with beautiful words, and times when you join in riotous laughter with a room of people you don’t even know; ultimately theater helps us feel human with all our good intentions, flaws and hope for a happier ending.”

Katherine Elizabeth Baltimore

“My goal has always been to help actors find the truth in the story, by understanding how it crosses paths with current events. In short, to teach empathy and then to share that generosity of spirit with their fellow actors, and ultimately in their lives.”

Katherine Zieman, Broadway Director

“Keep pursuing the truth, so that you may leave this place better than you found it.”

Arian Moayed, Acting Teacher

“Memories like the roaring sound of applause, the vibrations shaking the floor…the shining heroes on the stage who have come to share a story… I cannot wait for stage lights to shine again.”

Lauren Diertert, Theater Critic

“Never take for granted any moment in a space where your heart gets to beat in tandem with thousands of others.”

Shoba Narayan, Actress

Launching the 89th Season and EEE Entertainment!

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A wonderful revival of a classic 1955 movie with Marilyn Monroe, NOW re-looking at the terminal struggles couple have with the expression of love in their fear of loneliness. And yes, unlikely duos sometimes can “make-it” with acceptance and tolerance for the paths and struggle we all encounter in this life. Beautiful writing and some surprises for audiences!

AND Pat Liston, the anchor of Southern Rock Ballads from “MAMA’S PRIDE” will appear on the ALT Stage for One Night Only – Saturday, January 7th, at 7 pm. Tickets are just $25 for this 2-hour concert with a renowned Artist with local roots and a career in beautiful Music. The Depth and Breadth of Pat’s Musical talents will astound audiences as he comes to the ALT showplace direct from an engagement at the St. Louis Pageant Theater!

2 Concert Package

  • Pat Liston (January 2023),
  • Sinatra: Last Call (February 2023)

$10 Off until December 23rd!

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: Check in at the ALT Box Office for our HERE WE CALL A-CAROLING Gift – $10 for a Christmas Carol to a loved one on December 22nd, 2-8 pm!

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