Alton Little Theater will have TWO DAYS of Auditions for the Musical THE FULL MONTY (playing Mid-July) On April 24th at 10 am and April 25th at 2 pm; Seventeen enthusiastic MEN AND WOMEN are needed for this campy, riotous, FUN show! Bring a prepared song — and we’ll all do a little choreography! Contact Director Kevin Frakes 618-407-2447 for questions — but the answer to the #1 questions is — YES WE WILL!

Alton Little Theater will have auditions for the 87th Season Finale, KONG’S NIGHT OUT (playing now in August) on, Saturday, June 5th. Director Gail Drillinger needs 6 men and 4 women who love this Art Deco Classic Romp through Time Square hi-jinks, with a misguided Gorilla in tow! If you like clever farce — YOU”LL LOVE THIS SHOW! Cold readings from the scripts! 2450 N. Henry Street at the Showplace in Alton, Illinois

The US Premier of a new Canadian Play – GLORIA’S GUY  will hold auditions for the September 10th – 19th Production Run, on Saturday, June 12th and 13th at 4 pm. The New hit production needs 4 women and one man (who can play age 38) and one 50-ish looking female. Six incredible new talents needed for this riveting story of reunion and reconciliation, to be directed by Shea Maples as the Season Opener for the GREAT 88th Season!

Auditions for CALENDARS GIRLS (And yes, the play the came BEFORE the hit Movie), need TEN Audacious Women of some maturity who are willing to creatively raise money for charity – while shaking up a town’s notion of what beauty and fun are really all about! Sound like FUN???? Then come and Audition and Find Out MORE on Saturday, September 11th, 10 am. (Director Kevin Frakes MAY be able to hold other audition times if needed – Contact him through 618-462-3205 (The Show Runs in December and is casting EARLY)

Auditions for the Touching DRAMA – THE COVER OF LIFE ( premiering in January 2022) will be held Saturday, September 18th at 10 am by Director, Brant McCance. The play calls for 6 strong females roles, playing ages of 20-60 and one young man – playing 20-ish. The Director wants to Cast Early since the production will have to start some rehearsals in December!

**** Note******* Everyone is invited to Audition and possible be Cast in MORE THAN ONE SHOW — BUT Because the Great 88th Season runs with Production every 30-45 days IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BE CAST IN BACK TO BACK SHOWS BECAUSE OF OVERLAPPING REHEARSALS — So Choose Wisely — BUT CHOOSE to come audition! FOUR MORE SHOWS TO BE CAST early in 2022!! COME PLAY!