Artistic Director, Kevin Frakes has set Auditions for March Musical, THE FULL MONTY! Yes, It’s True! ALT is producing THE FULL MONTY MARCH 19TH THROUGH 28TH… AND ALT NEEDS  seven great guys who will (almost) give it they’re all… AND ensemble roles for males AND FEMALES and an adolescent of 13… “terrific roles for the gals who stand by their men through thick and thin!”  Saturday, January 9th at 10 am and Sunday, January 10th at 2 pm. (2021) Bring a prepared song choice and willingness to do a little line-reading and improvisation exercise. The choreographer will teach a simple Dance Routine and having some fun will be part of the audition process!
Director, Gail Drillinger has set AudItions for KONG’S NIGHT OUT (Comedy On Stage May 14th thru 23rd) on January 23rd, 10 am 2021. Stylish & Hilarious Roles for a Dozen males and females who love the magic of Farce at its best! Cold Readings from the script and a little FUN with physical Comedy!
Director, Lee Cox will hold Auditions for Patrick Anderson’s three-generational COMEDY: SEX, DOGS & THE FULL CATASTROPHE on Saturday, January 30th at 10 am. The Showcase Production on Stage April 8th – 11th CALLS FOR (4) College-age Actors, a very Funny “Mom” and “Dad” and a wacky set of Grandparents! Cold Readings from the Script! (And meeting with the Author)
Kevin Frakes (& Company) Will hold Auditions for SHREK the BIG Summer 2021 Showcase Musical (July 16th – 25th, 2021) on Saturday, April 17th at 10 am and Sunday, April 18th at 2 pm  – OVER THIRTY ROLES for Singers, Dancers, and Actors of ALL appetites for FUN! Rehearsals will begin Mid-May!
Call the ALT office (618) 462-3205 for Inquiries for ALL Directors and SAVE THE DATES ON YOUR NEW CALENDARS. Make 2021 the year that YOU put yourself ON STAGE AT THE SHOWPLACE!