Alton Little Theater made the difficult decision to postpone the planned Summer Blockbuster of SHREK to July 2021 due to the COMMITMENT to Season Ticket Holders and Pre-PAID Ticket holders who had looked forward to seeing BRIGADOON in all its Musical Glory. However, there will likely be a reduction in seating plans (to accommodate Social Distancing) and EXTRA Safety Precautions in place –SO WE ASK THAT EVERY SEASON TICKET HOLDER AND PRE-PAID TICKET HOLDER CALL AND RE-RESERVE A SEAT FOR ONE OF EIGHT PERFORMANCES OF THE SHOW. JULY 24TH THROUGH AUGUST 2ND.  For TWO Months (May 14th through July 14th), ALT will ONLY reserve seats for Paid Subscriptions or Previously Purchased Tickets—THEN, July 15th through 24th, ADDITIONAL TICKETS WILL BE SOLD IF SEATS ARE AVAILABLE and Additional Performances may be added since initial seating will likely be limited to (100) people in the spacious Auditorium.